If you wish to contact me in a professional capacity, please use one of the following:

Phone: 907–301-4516 (texting is fine, but calling is preferred)
Email: hburns@mcad.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rigormortiscomic/
Tumblr: hannahcburns.tumblr.com


First and foremost, I make comics. I pencil and ink my own comics about the continuing adventures of three zombie girls in my comic series “Rigor Mortis” as a way to explore themes of loneliness, loss, and abandonment in a supernatural reimagining of the forests of Washington. Though I tackle difficult topics in my comics, I have an expressive cartoony style that I combine with illustrative pen work. I feel like having an inherently “cute” style allows me to tackle touchy subjects that might be too intimidating for most readers. The cuteness in this case can act as a buffer to explore darker worlds. For me, it is very important that my work, regardless of the medium or subject matter, is very detailed. Each page can take between two and four hours to render completely. I want my audience, whoever they might be, to be able to get repeated viewings out of each panel I draw, and notice new things every time they look at them. Presently I am working on the second volume of Rigor Mortis, updated Sundays, with eleven more volumes planned for the foreseeable future. Rigor Mortis will keep me busy for quite some time, but I couldn’t be happier about it.




BFA in Comic Art, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN

Expected graduation, Fall 2018


University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK

General studies with an emphasis in Drawing, 2012 – 2015


University of Richmond in Florence, Italy

Cultural enrichment and studio work, Summer 2014



End of Term Painting Show, University of Richmond in Florence, Italy, 2014


UAA Foundation show, University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, 2013



Minneapolis College of Art and Design Presidential Scholarship, 2016-2017


Teaching Experience

Community Art Educator for Field Middle School, Minneapolis, MN, 2017 – present

Duties include teaching basics of Comic Art to children ages 11-14.


Previous Employment

Freelance Storyboarding, Media Active, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Commissioned for 3 sets of 5 storyboards depicting famous scenes in Spielberg movies for children to color. Supervised children onsite.


Senshi-Con Artist Alley, Freelance Commission work, Anchorage, AK, 2013, 2014


Freelance Design work, Partyworld of Anchorage, AK, 2013

Provided labeling for costume organization, created balloon arrangements


Ongoing Projects

Rigor Mortis, long term black and white graphic novel, 2013 – present



Digital                                                 Traditional

Adobe Photoshop CC                         Watercolor

Adobe Illustrator CC                           Traditional Comic Inking

Adobe InDesign CC                           Colored Pencil