Welcome to Rigor Mortis! Land of zombies, vampires, demons, and more. Rigor Mortis was first created by Hannah Burns on May 12th, 2005 when Hannah started doodling zombie girls during a viola recital her sister was in. Had she been paying attention in the first place, Rigor Mortis would have never existed.

After drawing the characters on and off throughout middle school, Hannah started creating a graphic novel with printer paper and ballpoint pens in 2009, her sophomore year of high school. (It can be assumed that all events in the series take place close to this time). It was only after a few years of college that she realized the potential of the characters, and dismissed all prior work as non-canon, choosing to start the series completely over again, collaborating with her creative partner and husband Dylan Baker over the story elements.

Hannah draws her comics by hand on 9 x 12 “Paper for Pens”, with Faber Castel pens, and spends approximately 2 hours per page inking the pencil outlines. In her spare time, she is a student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and an avid Netflix Binge-Watcher.